About Us

Iran, as one of the most important energy supplying centers in the world, has always been considered by the international media and documentary makers to monitor the news and activities done in this crucial region. For this reason, in addition to reflection of much news by the international media of the Iran’s energy field changes, many documentary makers have recorded the activities done in Iran to show to their addressees across the world, which sometimes political orientation against Iran and distortion in expressing the facts can be seen in them.

In this respect, Iran Energy Club with its strong research team and valuable sources, established Iran Petro Media Group to improve picturing the activities done or are going to be done and also to create a strong documentary making team so as to fulfill the domestic companies’ needs. Besides providing specialized services in documentary making and photography of implementation process of industrial projects in energy fields, this team is making a documentary series aiming to improve the way of thinking, knowledge and national sensitivity in energy field and international security (with the approach of domestic & global needs regarding correcting the consumption pattern).

Our Team